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Blogpost 4: Writing the new KENSHI album

Hi y’all! Wow! It’s really exciting to see the response to the remix competition for KENSHI (official) - Welcome To The Underground. My soundcloud exploded with messages and listeners in the last 24 hrs. The song reached 1200+ listens in just 1 day. With 2 weeks to go before the competition closes some remixes have already been posted to theSoundCloud group. All remixes (unique in their own way) have a really cool Electro (muziekstijl) feel to it. It’s also good to see some young, remixers have joined the competition. More electronic artists have confirmed to join, including VHS Dreams Official and Renz Wilde. Many listeners from the USA, UK, Netherlands, FRANCE CULTURE, Argentina, Sweden, Canada, Poland, Russia, Australia, Austria, New Zealand,Japanese Culture & Style, Republic Of Korea are liking the music. Only 2 months after publishing the first mix on my soundcloud page, that just amazing and more than I could ever hoped for. Just WOW!

So what’s next?

Next to the planned release, some other really exciting things are coming up. Next to the release of a couple of singles (including remixes), a full length album and video are scheduled for 2015. But the new artwork and promotional pictures is what i am really excited about. Can’t wait to share it with you. But you have to be a bit more patient. First I’m looking forward to receiving more remixes thru Remix Comps for KENSHI – Welcome To The Underground. Join the competition and win a spot on the new KENSHI album + a mastering of one of your songs of choice

Cheers & Best,


Blogpost 3: Writing the new KENSHI album

NEWSNEWSNEWS! KENSHI (official) remix competition for the song ‘Welcome To The Underground’ is open for submissions! By joining the competition you have the chance to win a FREE mastering of 1 of your songs by + being featured on the new KENSHI album. The competition is closing on sunday March 1st. Want to join? Of course!

Check for all info here:


KENSHI remix competition

Artist: KENSHI
Genre: Electro(nic)
Song: Welcome To The Underground (link to original:
Closing: Sunday March 1st 2015

Two grand prize winners will get FREE mastering of 1 of your songs of choice by Zero To Midnight ( + your remix will be featured on the upcoming KENSHI album (to be released early 2015).

No free downloads of your track should be available in any case. Remixes can be posted publicly online but download should be disabled. Remixes can not be distributed for sale without the permission of KENSHI. All remixes submitted become property of the label, and by submitting you accept this.


Or download from:

Completed collaborations should be uploaded to SoundCloud with downloads disabled and widgets enabled and named as a remix i.e “your artist name Remix”. No free downloads should be available on your track in any case. Upload your completed submission here:

Good luck!

Blogpost 2: Writing the new KENSHI album

Hello there again! These are exciting times for me. As some of you might now I’ve been touring with my Industrial band Deadcell (official) for almost 9 years. I’ve seen a good portion of the world with lots of amazing live experiences. Over 350 shows all over Europe. In 2012 i decided to start an electronic music side-project to feed my appetite for electro(house) music. A couple of months ago i discovered a whole new scene which previously was unknown to me. Electronic artists like Kavinsky,PowerGlovePerturbator inspired me to write tons of new music in a short period of time. After experimenting with new sounds over the last 2 years. Thru creating a remix for Occams Laser I discovered a world of new opportunities in creating electronic music. Which (with many years of experience as a producer and songwriter) i didn’t use before. The ‪#‎retro‬‪#‎outrun‬ ‪#‎synthwave‬ scene truly inspires me. Since I come from a live performance background, i was triggered by an interview that VHS Dreams Official gave in NeonVice. He talked about the fact that ‘for any genre to grow there must be a way to take it out of the screen and put it into the real world’. Next to working on releasing my new album in 2015, I’m focusing on getting KENSHI touring live. There must be tons of talented producers out there who want to do the same thing. So why not do it??! By writing this blog I not only want to share my songwriting experiences, but also sharing thoughts on how to shred some stages in the future. Let’s get this show on the road! But for now: back to the studio it is!


KENSHI / Marcus Bodine

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